Projects Handled

Vishruta Software Solutions Project Handled

Consignment Status system

This Online Client Status Website was developed especially for Nippon Sea Freight Systems. Using this Clients can see their current Consignment Status through Internet and user can Upload / Down load consignment status as Excel Format.

Enterprise Software for Air Consolidator

This Enterprise Software is used to automate the Entire Consolidator Processes. This Software is specially designed for Air Consolidator. Using this, Consolidator can Monitor and Maintain entire activities

Complaint Management System

This Enterprise Software is to register the complaints of the consumer and to process them by following some steps. Here whenever a consumer has got any complaint related to the product then they can make call complaints. Their complaints are being taken care by the Complaint Service Staffs. The registered complaints of the customer, gets forwarded to the Service Executive, then after the correction of the fault, the Service Executive updates the Complaint Details. Complaint Service Staffs verifies the Customer feedbacks. Senior Manager use to review the Reports

Online Tutor

Online tutor is a marketplace that connects students and tutors over the Internet with full video, voice and instant messaging capabilities. Just as in real life, anyone who thinks they have the capability can become a tutor, but they are ranked according to an innovative reputation system that is linked with many other websites. Tutors are freelance and from potentially every corner of the globe, so prices - which are decided via a bidding system - will be significantly lower than available anywhere else.

Online Food Court

Online food court is perhaps the most unique kind of project considering the industry backdrop for which the software caters. Its sole purpose was to target the customers who like to try out various food schemes through online ordering. As explained, this software caters to the customers needs of choosing various food schemes as it provides various combos/menus under different price settings that accommodate most of the customer preferentials/tastes.