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CHA ETERNITY is CHA Software, the brain child of Vishruta.Instigated as a project for one of the leaders in the CHA arena, evolved with numerous logical analysis, research, ideas and eventually blossomed into a product called CHA ETERNITY. The motive behind the name ETERNITY was that we believe our product has no eventuality, it will not fade with time.

CHA ETERNITY (beta 1.0)a CHA Software, is web based solution (e solution) for better information flow and control over all the components of the organization. The product has all the essential features that meets the pre-requisites of CHA/C&F. It would be a comprehensive enterprise solution for CHA/C&F.

Vishruta Software Solutions Custom House Agent Software


Vishruta Software Solutions CHA Software Features

  • CONSIGNMENT is for managing all the consignments. This includes B.E., docs, items, vessel details etc.

  • ACCOUNTS is the USP of our product. This feature is mostly not in-built in other software products for CHA. It contains Reports, Transactions, Invoice Creation, Pending Bills etc.

  • PROFILE MANAGER maintains and manages all the profiles of various personnel related to the organization

  • USER MANAGER sets the roles and responsibilities for all the users.User Access permissions & Validity period are also defined here

  • BRANCH CONNECTIVITY is to work or access data of any other branch

  • INTIMATION is mailing system for sharing information between users. Mail sending time can also be set which is its unique feature

  • CONTACTS acts as an instant phone book or ONLINE CONTACT BOOK

  • TRANSPORT ORDER lists out the type of transport mode used, Number of vehicles etc. This is for instant seek for any data on transport details

  • SMS facility allows to send messages to the client/vendor or others

  • DOCUMENT TRANSACTION is instant tracking of all documents required for consignment

  • ONLINE PRODUCT means no CD/installation. Internet connection is the only requirement

  • CLIENT / VENDOR VIEWABILITY allows you to serve your clients better by allowing them to access information that are essential.

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT is provided by us to you for the product through exquisite FAQ, 24x7 email support and telephonic help services


Vishruta Software Solutions Custom House Agent Software Benefits

  • Security of data

  • No Work Stress

  • Time Factor

  • No Maintenance

  • Better Communication

  • Work From Anywhere

  • High Coordination

  • Instant Messaging

  • Integration

  • Better Control

  • Better Productivity

  • Easy Upgradation