Kitchen Royals

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    Kitchen is a web portal bringing together all the food lovers around the globe under one virtual roof. The idea for inceptus of this portal was with the vision of binding the globe into one whole world wide community devoid of race, religion, race etc. through the coaxing need & want called food. This community is created by the food lovers with ideas from food connoisseurs for the millions of food lovers around the world. This community would comprise a blend of fervent youth and skilled veterans making this portal taste like an old wine in a fashionable new bottle. Kitchen has it all to attract people irrespective of age that caters to the needs of the young to, the various dieting and recipe tips for the old.

I Dreamz Technologies

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I Dreamz Technologies is an up coming company with smart working youngsters. We insists to make good relationship with our client.We are in the process of developing both standalone and web applications for all kind of business solutions. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our client with good relationship and to provide better service.i Dreamz Technologies follows international quality standard for their IT Services and helps the clients in fulfilling their business solutions in the day-to-day changing business environment.



VISHDREAM is a firm born from the amalgamation of VISHRUTA Software Solutions and IDREAMZ technologies. This amalgamation is to unearth, discuss and develop innovative products and solutions directing to the needs of the various industrial domains. Currently VISHDREAM is involved in providing customized inventory and order management solutions.

Tamilnadu Marriage Services

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Tamilnadu marriage services is the upcoming web portal initiating the matrimonial services for the Tamil Nadu region. It cannot be undermined as just another matrimonial website, as it has got many salient features unavailable in the existing competitors. It would be a comprehensive matrimonial package catering to needs of people belonging to various strata and segments in the TAMILNADU region. It is expected to hit the web world in the mid of 2012.